Google Paid Search Advertising – PPC


What is Paid Search advertising on Google?

Paid Search Advertising on google are the ads you may see whenever you search for a keyword on Google. Usually there are located on top of the search results with the mention « Ad ». On the contrary, the other search results are « organic search results ». The difference is that if you decide to opt for the pay ads you’ll pay any time someone clicks on your ad. However, the good point is that you can decide to appear anytime at the top of the search results and on the first page! And this is far from being the case for organic results.

Let’s give it a try. If we write the words: « google ads » on Google Search Engine, that’s what we will see appear on the first page and at the top of the page:

Again, if you are a company that wants to promote its services through paid advertising on the internet and that you want people to find you just by typing : Google ads or digital services or whatever, you’ll often see lots of relevant results from companies active in the digital field but not especially your website.


And that’s exactly when Paid Search Ads start being interesting for you!


What I offer you:

  • to set up your Google AdWords Account
  • to choose together the appropriate keywords you’d like people to find you with
  • to make the copy writing of your Google ads
  • to start and monitor your campaigns, your daily budget and to optimize your CPC



How does it work?

Basically it’s really simple. You choose on which keyword you wish to be found. Once someone starts looking for one of these keywords on google, your paid ad may appear. It will all depends on how much you’re ready to pay for your ads to appear. At the end you’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ad. But in order for your ad to appear, you’ll have to fix a price you are ready to pay if someone clicks on your ad. Then the Google AdWords bidding system will determine which advertiser will see its ads showing first according to the price the latest will have chosen. This price we call it « Cost-Per-Click » or CPC. It is the price you’ll end up paying to Google when someone clicks your ad.


Now you get it how it works, let’s talk about your ad copy!

Well it’s quite simple too. You write your ads yourself and can decide what info you wish to communicate to your client. Then you can also decide the localization. If you want your ad to appear only in one city or a specific neighborhood, it’s totaly possible.

For which business is it aimed for?

For anyone, any start-up, small businesses…it all depend on what you want!

Just imagine you have your own hairdressing salon and you’d like people living or being in the neighborhood to find your salon instead of the one next door. Yet you know that your website would attract much more people as you can describe all the things you can do and you know people would love it. Then with the Google ads you can be sure you will attract much of the traffic to your website and that people may want to  discover of your salon or have an appointment.

Is it expensive?

As explained before, you’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Costs can vary between € 0,02 and € 3 or even € 5 for a click. It really depends on the existing competition on the keyword. Want to have an idea for your business? It’s easy, contact me and I will give you an estimation about the daily budget you should invest as well as an estimation of the number of monthly searches on a given number of keywords.


So come on, it’s free and I’ll do it gladly for you!

So? Are you decided to make the big jump and move forward?

If you have any question or would like to start advertising, don’t hesitate and contact me today. I’d be pleased to help you and advise you in any way. Contact me