Google Analytics

Look into your website traffic

Do not ever start online paid advertising without having first setting up a Google Analytics account. Google offers you a great and powerful tool to measure and understand your whole website traffic. google Analytics, you’ll be able to track the source of your traffic but also to see how do your visitors behave on your website. Not setting up a Google Analytics account would be as driving your car in the dark without turning your headlights on.

Feel a bit lost?

Nothing more natural! And that’s why I’m here to give you a hand with Google Analytics ?

As an expert in data analysis, I’ll bring you the insight you need to boost your presence on the internet, your sales and your content. By choosing the right KPI’s and the right goals together, I’ll be able to draw you a relevant digital strategy in line with these objectives and your budget.

I offer you to:

  • set up your Google Analytics account
  • bring you my expertise in digital data analysis
  • make you reports based on your goals