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Why using paid advertising on Social Media?

If we all know very well social media in our daily life as user and we all have seen ads while scrowling down our news feed. The true is that paid advertising on social media is really efficient for multi purposes: sales, branding or engagement. But the fact is that posting organic posts, tweets has become not enough to reach our target and convince them about buying or using our services/products. Using paid social media for your communication must now makes part of your overall communication strategy. So just let have a look at it…

Let’s talk a bit about the different paid Social Media?


Facebook is by far the most notorious social media and the one with the largest reach, thanks, among other things, to its wide network. Indeed, Facebook ad formats are broadcasted on many third party websites. In addition, Facebook targeting has become incredibly efficient and accurate. Instagram offers real opportunities in terms of Brand and may be a really good tool for your business if visuals are a key factor to your success.


The perfect tool for your B2B and corporate communication. It offers great targeting opportunities and interesting ad formats to reach your audience and get new leads. Brand and lead campaigns work really well in other things because LinkedIn users are more educated and professional in their attitude. In short, leads that you will collect from LinkedIn are from better quality.


Twitter is first of all the network for all communication professionals but also the network of the moment. It is  the social media to use to go viral quickly or to make big annoucement about your brand or a new of products of yours.


Snapchat is the social media for young people between 16 and 25 years old (52% of the users). People use it to tell their friends about some moment of the day by sharing messages and videos. Because of this, snapchat is able to propose a really interesting targeting based on their snapchat users activity. This is also why people are much more engaged on snapchat than on any other social media. You would definitely want to use it if your audience is quite young.

What I offer you:

  • to chose the best social media that fit to your business communication and objectives : Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter et Snapchat
  • to chose how to communicate, with paid ads or/and with organic posts
  • to chose the right copy and the right picture for your ads
  • to set up your social media advertising campaigns
  • to help you create your business pages for each social media
  • to monitor your paid ad campaigns and all comments that it could bring.

…to go along the whole way of your journey.

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