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Why do you absolutely need a website?

Nowadays, having a website or a blog is not just trendy or cool anymore, it’s mandatory for any business or professionals. Not having a website is like not having a visit card while all your competitors have one. Your website is the mirror of your activity, of your shop! So now just ask yourself what you want people to see in the showcase of your shop? That’s why you need to pay attention to every details… which means working on your content, choosing the right pictures and pictograms you will place and finally understanding how you put all this together the right way. Indeed, the users are really demanding and if you want them to visit your whole website and get interested in your product, you will need to take care of every details.


Of course, doing all these things take time and ask some know how when it comes to do the copy writing, thinking about SEO or user experience 🙂
But don’t worry, you don’t need to do all these things by yourself. Asking some help may be a good idea if you feel overwhelmed.

How would it cost you?

If you start with a standard website fully functional with some interesting features as having a contact form, synchronize your appointment from your website with your agenda, it shoudn’t be that much. If you ask for my services, you can count about a hundred euros by pages… but it may be less or a bite more. It will mainly depends on the size of the page. The best would be see that together. So don’t wait and contact me today.

…what I can tell you for sure is the price of the maintenance

  • Hosting: €10/month
  • Maintenance: €15/month

Why should you opt for my services?

Here are some advantages :

  • Choose among various templates
  • Quick website conception & great designs
  • Responsive/mobile first websites: your website will adapt itself to all type of screens (mobile phone, tablet)
  • Low maintenance fees

Don’t be shy, give it a try and get more info by contacting me.